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I have learned so much about how to teach children English. I will talk about the topic of how to make class teaching much more active and diverse.

1.Preparation for teaching materials:

Before class, make PPT, print some teaching materials and relevant worksheets accordingly.


2.Preparation for teaching aids and decoration of the classroom:

Consider how to design classroom structure and decorate the classroom.Set an English corner and a library corner in the classroom for those children who prefer reading alone. Set a weather chart, hang up a birthday calendar or a notice board on the wall. Provide different kinds of toys/puppets, cushions and a couple of comfortable chairs in certain place of the classroom to create a learning environment for children.

3.Teaching approaches:

Rassia’s Method, Communicative Approach, TPR Approach, Art/Musical Approach, etc.


Debate team, sight words, circle time, role-play, etc.

Field trip:

Arrange one day a week and organize children to go outside to feel natural environment, and then they “acquire”the perceptual knowledge after their learning and exploring nature as well as “learn”from the teacher. The sites of field trips could be: zoos, botanical gardens, parks, museums of technology, art or geography, etc. Field trip leads to the formation of the children’s sense of physical world and help improve their understanding of new knowledge.

Summer / Winter Camp:

Design and organize some courses in summer/winter camp that can cause parents’attention and stimulate children’s learning interest. Give students English class, Math class, Science class, Art class, and in addition, teacher can arrange some activities like playing golf, swimming, holding sports meeting, cooking special cuisines and so on. More activities related to hands can be designed and organized.



I have learned that a different game is relevant to a different individual child. When organizing certain games, we should consider several key points:

1)Age group

2)Have fun and give the students a chance to learn, practice or review specific language material

3)The number of students: pairwork or groupwork or the whole class

4)Time consuming: long or short

5)Level: beginner, mediate, advanced

6)Easy or difficult to play, and simple or complicated to organize

By using these ways to teach, teacher will make class teaching much more flexible, active and diverse, in the other words, variety is a must.


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